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February 17, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the cartoonist and publisher Dylan Williams writes eloquently on the closing of Comic Relief.

image* this interview with Charles Berberian about his new book on music has a number of highly amusing moments, including but not limited to the matter-of-fact appraisal of the value of the LP as a surface on which to roll cigarettes.

* not comics: as an armchair property development czar, it's hard for me to imagine that Wonder Woman is the TV show while Preacher is the movie, but okay.

* here's the latest interview with the most talked-to man in comics, Jon Goldwater.

* it's the return of the Tom Toles Cartoon Caption Contest! Actually, I'm not certain that I knew about previous iterations, but I tend to like Tom Toles.

* congratulations to Richard Thompson and Cul-De-Sac for reaching its seventh anniversary. If that has you wondering if you've been drinking way too much and your life is slipping away way much too rapidly, remember that the feature appeared in the Washington Post Magazine before become syndicated at a later date.

* as much fun as can be had tweaking editorial cartoonists for occasionally avoiding contentious issues, Darryl Cagle presents a bunch of cartoons from cartoonists engaging what may be the most contentious issue of all.

* not comics: it's always amazing to me when someone believes that folks have the time to respond to and engage with e-mails that they aren't able to use as material on their site or other publishing effort.

* congratulations to Keith Jones and Lizz Hickey.

* Michel Fiffe draws and talks Doctor Strange.

* not comics: Derek Kirk Kim is moving his original art sales away from eBay in an attempt to recoup the portion of those sales that go to fees.

* finally, an interview with John Romita, Jr. I'm tangentially involved with that interview's creation, so if you have an interest and can give it some link love, I'd appreciate it.
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