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February 17, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Jenee Darden, Bo Walsh and Tarek Fouda talk to Breena Nuñez Peralta.

* not comics: another potential seismic shift for which to try and figure out if comics has an easy entry point. I don't know why they have articles about any kind of developing media or form that doesn't engage how it'll be used for sex. In this case, it looks like an opportunity for finding dates that involve that reality's version of you dating that reality's version of others and then gauging the compatibility by the results rather than projections of same, but maybe I'm crazy. Maybe another shot at virtual cons; overlays of reality at cons seems certain.

* so according to this a Spanish-language publisher made their own Spider-Man comics in the 1970s where Gwen Stacy didn't die because they thought that plot development would kill their sales. I've never heard of this. Wow if something like that escaped everyone's attention until now. No idea if it's true. I think it may be, because that's a weird joke to pull, but I know that the wider superhero community will correct like righteous thunder if it's not and probably by the end of today. But if that's a prank, hell, I think I prefer to believe the prank.

* finally: the Post tells the story of Stephan Pastis' tribute to his dog.
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