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February 24, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* TCAF has sent out its official "here we come" PR, including news that they'll be doing a devoted webcomics area. I'll be attending that show, and I look forward to meeting as many people as possible while I'm there, including everyone in the press release I don't already know.

image* Tom Devlin sings the virtues of the all-but-forgotten Timmy.

* vote early, vote often, vote Neon Knome.

* sales were down at Barnes & Noble's physical store locations. Again.

* the DC blog Graphic Content interviews Will Dennis. I'm putting that here just to wonder out loud how an obvious but great title like "Graphic Content" lasted long enough to be snatched up by DC so late in the game?

* it's Fat Week at Living Between Wednesdays. (It's always Fat Week here at CR.)

* I thought this post from Gil Roth tying Frank Santoro's recent post about Moebius into a scene from the documentary Crumb was pretty clever. Plus: what a great scene. It's strange, but I think I like Crumb more now than I did when it first came out, perhaps because I'm no longer stunned to be watching a documentary where knowing Larry Welz's name helps you understand a funny part.

image* here's a nice, short interview with Dylan Horrocks at PWCW about the new edition of Hicksville coming out, told through the prism of the cartoonist having to write an introduction for that work after all these years. I'm afraid to ask to do anything with that re-release because I like that book so much my coverage would tend to have a smothering quality to it. So let me just say I greatly recommend this new edition if a) yours needs replacing, or b) the hole in your life that is caused by not having read Hicksville before now needs filling.

* so what do you think Japanese comics legend Ebisu is up to these days?

* here's a fun photo of various comics pros hanging out outside a Forbidden Planet store, circa 1990.

* Brett Warnock suggests that Warren Ellis was right.

* I totally missed this, but the Omaha World-Leader dropped 13 strips earlier this month to add four. Taking a major hit were legacy and non-humor strips. I could imagine up to fifty papers making similar changes this year.

* finally, here's a longish post, copiously illustrated, about the infamous Rampaging Hulk story where Bruce Banner is accosted in the shower. You know the one.
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