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February 27, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

me="image" hspace="7" vspace="5" width="380" height="286" align="right"/>* Sean T. Collins on Ant Comic.

* not comics: always happy for a solid veteran like Steven Grant to enjoy increased exposure via a film adaptation, and Grant's an interesting guy generally.

* Greg McElhatton reviews that new Batman comic where they kill that little boy.

* Tessa Miller profiles Ryan North. Brigid Alverson talks to Calista Brill and Colleen AF Venable. Michael Cavna profiles Stephan Pastis.

* here's a piece at Hooded Utilitarian on bailing out of mainstream comic books for specific content reasons. I'd have to have more time to read the piece closely to characterize it without potentially doing the argument a disservice.'

* Graeme McMillan wonders out loud if the trend of reviving characters may be more difficult to do as we reach the limit of characters to be revived and head into times marked by previous character revivals more than new character creation.

* not comics: hey, nice lamp.

* finally, it's hard for me to imagine an article much more fun than Gene Luen Yang writing about the similarities between Chinese opera and North American superhero comics.
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