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February 28, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a bunch of you have written in to express enthusiasm for this Prisoners Of Gravity archive, which has a ton of comics-related interviews. I'd suggest bookmarking it for a rainy day.

image* hey, it's a 1986 interview with the great Gil Kane! Kane was of course one of the great 20th Century mainstream comics artists and is on the Mt. Rushmore of comics talkers (with Hogarth, Spiegelman and Barry).

* "Khadafi Needs More Blood" is a terrific headline. This one may be better. And this one ain't bad.

* not comics: somehow I missed that Chicago institution Earwax had closed. I can't speak to any special relationship it had to comics or cartoonists the way Paul does in that link, but it was certainly one of the great '90s City Of Big Shoulders hipster institutions, in the best possible way. Even those who were more camaron soup at Arturo's people than they were vegan banana walnut pancakes at Earwax folks ended up over there at some point or another. I sat in Earwax within the first week of showing up in the Windy City in the 1990s and I went there the last time I blew into town some seventeen, eighteen years later. That's what the great neighborhood businesses do. More here.

* Peggy Burns offers up praise for changes at The AV Club.

* Frank Santoro and the Comics Comics commentary kids talk forgotten cartoonists. Well, more like cartoonists that just sort of wandered away. You know what I mean. There's a Robert Boyd post somewhere in there that helps define things if you get confused. Robert Boyd is nice like that.

image* we're going to see more of this kind of thing before we see less of it.

* look at all these nicely-dressed cartoonists. My favorite thing about the big NCS dinner isn't the fancy dress but the fact that apparently it was once common for unattached male cartoonists to bring women that looked like their characters to this event? It's like a proto-booth babe thing, at least the way it was described to me.

* Michael Cavna talks to Donna A. Lewis about the launch of her new strip Reply All. I'm always curious about newspaper strip launches because on the one hand I feel they're 15 years behind the curve in terms of getting the word out; on the other hand, I'm not sure getting the word out really means a damn thing for strips in terms of finding a toehold in their primary market.

* it's not comics and usually this kind of thing goes under "craft" in the quick hits section, but I have a copy of the New Yorker issue with this Jaime Hernandez illustration in it, and it's a lot of fun. Well worth a peek at whatever place is near you that carries The New Yorker, which these days is a rare and wonderful place.

* finally, read this down to the polar bears. If you're not smiling, click away. That kind of cute superhero thing really does it for some people, and doesn't do a thing for others.
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