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March 15, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Newsarama profiles the troubles facing comic book legend Russ Heath.

image* Alex Deuben does the great work of introducing Richard Thompson and his mighty Cul De Sac to Comic Book Resources readers who might never have seen those comics before.

* the critic Matt Seneca writes a long piece about comics on-line and what that means from a variety of perspectives.

* the High Five anthology is available here in PDF form.

* the Fantastic Four were once his neighbors.

* Bob Temuka writes about the appeal and occasional disappointment of licensed comics. Speaking of which, Dynamite picks up the licensing rights to the Voltron franchise. The main thing I remember about Voltron is that it seemed to be one of those shows that you got mad at for not being a better show. I'm certain it was someone's favorite, though. I'll repeat my offer to anyone out there: I'll write your QED comic book for free. Also I think someone should license SCTV or something related and do an anthology with all the humor cartoonists.

* the hardest working man in the writing about comics business, Jeet Heer, writes on racism in old comics as a stylistic choice.

* if you're a fan of newspapers, make a mental not where you were when you read the claim made in this post.

* the writer J.M. DeMatteis muses on his first published comics story, recently re-published on-line.

* Kelly Sue DeConnick and ChrisCross on Supergirl, for a time.

* finally, you can sort of read a battle between TCJ 1.0 vs. TCJ 2.0 here; I'm not certain if anyone won but I feel like I lost. Speaking of which, that post led me to this tribute from Andrei Molotiu about the now-defunct message board. I still don't miss it.
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