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March 21, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Michael Cavna writes about the new site launched by the Iranian cartoonist Nikahang Kowsar, who left his homeland for North America in 2003.

image* Benjamin Marra previews a page of a Savage Dragon story he's working on.

* not comics: I will have next to zero interest in a David E. Kelley Wonder Woman TV show until I'm guaranteed Dancing Wonder Tot, but this headline amused me.

* Don MacPherson meditates on original art.

* Carlos Latuff on President Obama's trip to South America.

* I'm really enjoying these Frank Santoro articles about page sizes and proportions; they're like literal translations of a one-side and unforgettable comics-related dinner conversation.

* I like a few things about this list of favorite storytelling moments at a blog called The Tearoom Of Despair. The first is that I like making lists of storytelling moments, and think it's an appropriate exercise for an era sick with memorable instances like the ones described. The second is that this blogger has a much different reading profile than I do, so I'm only barely familiar with the bulk of moments selected. The third is that for half a second my tired brain believed that Grant Morrsion wrote a Buddy Bradley comic, which would be really, really weird.

* don't forget the ongoing Giant Robot show in Los Angeles to benefit charities supporting Japan.

* I took the information down about the tour so I cold relay it in individual bits on CR, but in doing so I filled to link to this preview page from Chester Brown's Paying For It.

image* my most fervent hope at this early hour -- I believe in starting with something modest, hope-wise -- is that I can extend this installment of "Random" to the point I can insert a sample of Evan Dorkin's unfinished comics character drawings. The sketches can be found here and here.

* not comics: Tony Millionaire describes how he used to sell art back when he lived in Rome, and provides photo evidence.

* at some point I'm going to go back and re-buy some of the stranger Defenders runs from my childhood. Until then, I'm going to find myself slightly lost in the middle of articles like this one. I am sympathetic to the notion that the 1970s saw a stew of weird-ass Marvel comics that eventually gave way to the more tightly-controlled franchise building of the Jim Shooter era.

* not comics: mini-profiles of the men that played Superman. I'm glad they included the voice actor that played the Action Ace in his Super Friends iteration, because that performance is very memorable -- if you hear that actor doing dialogue, you think "Superman."

* Mike Bertino knows the Portland I love.

* the cartoonist Richard Sala draws Wonder Woman. Sala makes her a total babe, as befits maybe the most underrated comics artist when it comes to drawing pretty girls and dreamy boys.

* Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Yuichi Yokoyama are among the artists asked to contribute tsunami-related art to the NYT op-ed page. I'm sending you to other blog posts rather than the NYT because I'm afraid it will start charging me if I head over there. They're lovely images, though.

* not comics: The March Of The Sinister Ducks.

* finally, my goodness just look at these samples of Simon Gane art. Considering that his last big project was a period romance set in the French art world, I think it's safe to say he's going to continue an artist worth watching for a long, long time. I only hope the industry uses him well.
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