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March 26, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* is it my imagination, or is Marvel advertising on yahoo's main page right now? Does Marvel have more money for advertising than many have speculated, or is Yahoo front page placement cheaper than most of us would believe?

* time is running out on the UK kids' comic The DFC.

image* this piece from Sean T. Collins is the first review I've seen for David Mazzucchelli's long-anticipated Asterios Polyp, although maybe I haven't been looking closely enough.

* more than a few pretty good interviews today: the cartoonist and Yoshihiro Tatsumi editor Adrian Tomine talks about A Drifting Life. That's a super-interesting book, and one I'm just now beginning to digest. Matt Groening talks a lot about animation and a little about being an alt-weekly cartoonist in this piece at the AV Club. Emmanuel Guibert discusses his collaboration with Didier Lefevre, The Photographer. Koren Shadmi talks about Koren Shadmi.

* this may have just escaped me when it happened earlier, but I don't think I'd heard details of Ian Rankin's Vertigo comics effort, details of the first effort in DC crime imprint, or that they may be one and the same.

* while I'm stuffing today's random news with all of these self-referential "I's," I really loved the art choices in this article about how the Hall of Justice on Super Friends was based on a public building in Cincinnati. In one of the photos, Superman is making some sort of horrific goo, while the bottom photo begs for the standard "the Super Friends aren't as impressive as they used to be" crack. Anyone who participated in high school debate from Detroit Central Catholic to Montgomery Bell Academy will recognize in the background of that third photo one of those weird, four-step nexus areas scattered around Princeton High School.

* hey, it's Friendly Frank.

* you can still buy Aline Crumb's panties. Or Steve Bell's. I'm going to assume that the artists drew on their charity-auction underwear, although maybe not. Also, please let no one from the CBLDF or Hero Initiative be reading this.

image* I totally missed that there was a complete collection of Ronald Searle's St. Trinian's cartoons released in 2007.

* a series of sweet convention memories, although I'm pretty sure they drink beer at conventions outside of the UK.

* I would have given the top third of a non-pinkie finger for there to have been a cartoon ad war in American newspapers during our last elections.

* speaking of which, at least one paper points out that Zapiro was right.

* surely a path to showbiz riches.

* not comics: they're forgetting Sean Penn's finest comedic role. Wasn't Sweet and Lowdown a comedy, too?

* finally, I've always wondered what makes some original art auctions worth covering to some folks, and what doesn't. I mean, in this case you're basically publishing a press release designed to inflate the price of some guy's sale. Why is that news until after it happens?
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