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March 29, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Chris Staros continues his lifelong comics odyssey by adding "teaching" to the list of things he's done.

image* go, look: Retelling Planet Stories. This is a Matt Madden-style sounding experiment where Nicolas Labarre is doing the same page from an issues of Planet Comics over and over again.

* JK Parkin on Bloodstrike.

* so I guess Warner Brothers now wants a trial on various Superman-related matters. The legal stuff is always interesting to me, but it doesn't have an impact on how I feel about the company's treatment of creators over the decades and their legacy for doing so. It's shameful that the families of such a massively profitable character weren't rewarded in a way that brings about this sort of legal tussle, particularly in that the families don't seem to have reason for doing this other than to receive what they feel is a greater reward.

* this Ward Sutton cartoon about the Mad Men characters is fun, although a bit uneven. I like his really old Don Draper.

* Jonah Weiland talks to Tom Brevoort. Tim O'Shea talks to Brian Churilla.

* Kelly Thompson writes about a major plot point in the new Wonder Woman comics. Sometimes I think if these companies would just commit to a half-dozen comics featuring iconic, kids-friendly versions of the characters it would be easier for fans to process plot points like this as something specific to an interpretation as opposed to a new "reality" that has the weight of being the official version. Does anyone really think the official version of Wonder Woman in our collective cultural impression of that character doesn't include something because the 1458th comic book about the character has decided on a new direction?

* this is what Bastien Vives looks like. I'm not sure why his work hasn't broken over here yet, if only in the relatively modest way that accomplished work of that type can break.

* comics' Edenic apple core continues to drift upwards in auction price.

* Peter Bagge isn't just an under-appreciated comic book creator in the broadest way those things are measured; he's under-appreciated in terms of his more general contributions to American culture. Here's a preview of his latest.

* Dan DiDio picks ten favorite comics from his decade-long and still-ongoing run at DC Comics.

* I haven't seen the actual comics yet, but Alan Davis strikes me as one of those guys who is both adored by superhero comics fans but in a way sort of underpublished.

* finally, Robotman is comics' ultimate wingman.
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