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April 2, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Lucy Knisley writes about the comics stores of her youth, which I think was about 20 minutes ago. It strikes me, though, that authors write for Huffington Post the way authors used to do editorials for major newspapers when their books came out.

image* Robert Boyd suggests a classic: Matt Madden's History Of Comics In Six Panels.

* not comics: someone out there suggested that you could use the Heritage Auctions site to occasionally look really close-up at art created by people like Norman Rockwell, because of their big, high-res scans.

* Jeffrey O. Gustafson on Are You My Mother? and Time Warp. Rob Kirby on various comics from Oily Comics.

* not comics: a Don Simpson zydeco album cover.

* Don MacPherson explains how some people routinely get Marvel's digital downloads at less than their cost: by buying the free digital copy from a print reader that doesn't want the copy coming to her. This is also a way one gets print comics with a little discount, too, now that I think of it. I think this is one of those things where the math doesn't work in Marvel's favor in your head, but it may work for Marvel long-term by keeping a pair of audiences happy and engaged.

* I love this Gengoroh Tagame bookplate. If I can lose another 35 pounds and grow a mustache, I have a feeling that book will supply me every cosplay idea I'll ever need.

* Maurice Sendak on an artist's life.

* the ratio of art to toys as a supplementary item is probably the snottiest way possible to make snap judgments of other peoples' comics libraries, but I sort of can't help but go there. It's not so much a cast-aspersions as my own interest in comics is almost solely in them as something to read, although I do own some original art because I like original art, too.

* here's a reminder from that fine gentleman Chris Pitzer to get in there and vote for those Harvey noms.

* finally, I don't know why this Winsor McCay is in my bookmarks, but I'm not complaining.
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