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April 28, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* whoa: some really, really unseen Peanuts.

* good on Adrian Tomine & D+Q for the money they raised for Japanese earthquake/tsunami relief.

image* some strange birthday confluences today. It's the 100th year anniversary of Lee Falk's birth, and the 45th anniversary of Jesse Marsh's passing. Plus Bill Blackbeard would have been 85 today.

* by the way, speaking of Bill Blackbeard, you should read Gary Groth's tribute to Blackbeard over at TCJ. It's really good. I also enjoyed Charlie Kochman's piece at Abrams' comics-related blog, and appreciated his taking the time to pen something.

* Scott Edelman shares a letter he received from Bill Gaines in the course of doing an ethics column for The Comics Journal.

* Swamp Thing makes his return to the DC Universe in Brightest Day #24, which is big news for me in that it also includes word that Swamp Things left the DC Universe at some point.

* what Chris Ware is doing this weekend.

* casting about for established mainstream comics writers with webcomics projects, I totally forgot about Jeff Parker and his Bucko with Erika Moen. So I thought I'd mention it here as part of an apology.

* I very much miss long, rambling, blog posts about conventions like this one.

* Martin Wisse talks about fan culture and how you can't really do anything to change it, you can just change your orientation towards it. I do sometimes wonder about the long-term effect of having this stuff with us all the time from now on, and wonder after the shelf life of certain kinds of genre expression, but even then, not so heavily as I used to. I'm not a big fan of arguments about inescapable media in general. It's really easy unless some aspect of your job or some close relationship forces you into it to avoid anything arts-related, an certainly ephemeral popular arts.

* finally, Forge is the worst X-Man ever.
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