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May 2, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Amanda Hess profiles Lisa Hanawalt.

* Kate Lacour has a patreon now. It would be great to have Lacour regularly making stuff for a site the way that many are able to use Patreons that way.

* not comics: I like Roadster among the Derby horses. I'm not much of a Derby fan -- too many horses. When I bet the Kentucky Derby I usually just pick a horse or two that looks fun and that seems to have a path to the front of the race that's posting in the 20-1 / 30-1 range. I've always found pretty good value there. There's less chaotic betting to be had in the earlier races. I've never had a lot of luck with the Derby although I probably would have been forced to get a real job and stop working at the Journal had it not been for a horse called Charismatic. Good luck to all of you in attendance. Remember to save room for food in the neighborhood.

* finally: Andy Oliver extolls the virtues of small press coverage at Broken Frontier.
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