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May 6, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* here's what happens when Neo-Nazis decorate the door of a comics-smart professors that knows how images work. I can't even imagine the mess of sloppy ideology and babyperson acting out that must be going on on various campuses.

* Nate Powell's Come Again extensively previewed, in part for your Eisner voting consideration.

* by request extra: 2dcloud is back and wants your pledge money. That enterprises ended with a lot of noise a couple years ago, so it will be worth watching what the response is to this return. Ryan Carey has an interview up here.

* for sale: a complete Alex Toth short story. You just know it's super-handsome.

* here's Brian Nicholson with a look back at Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle-era Batcomics.

* finally: Alex Hoffman on Saint Young Men #1. Rob Clough on the comics of Elise Dietrich. Kim Jooha on comics by Vincent Fortemps. Todd Klein on Hex Wives #3. Paul O'Brien on Uncanny X-Men #11-16.
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