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May 8, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* no one I know really likes it when a newspaper uses a contest set-up to establish a newspaper comic line-up, but it still gets done a ton and a lot of people express their opinion at some point during the process.

* RIP Lt. Col Bernice V. Taylor. Taffy Tucker 4-ever.

* congratulations to Matt Davies and Clay Jones for each cartoonist's recognition within the Herblock Prize program. That is always a great place to find people working in respectable mainstream part of editorial cartoon making industry, which for me also gives it a nostalgic pull. It's such a nice tradition, and it's never stopped being one no matter what you might think of its power and influence within opinion-making and newspapering more generally. The world's certainly changed around it though, even within the lifetime of those of that still take note of these honors.

* count Carl Antonowicz amongst those working artist that is supplementing their income, if only in some extra for supplies, through a Patreon account. I know Carl's comics and theater work from my other job and figure that's the kind of cross-discipline work that may be best supported by efforts like crowdfunding.

* finally, best retirement wishes to Chan Lowe. That's a good one they reprint.
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