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May 12, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Johanna Draper Carlson write on DC having key titles out of print. That makes sense that if you wanted to have this huge, interlocking story that you wouldn't want key volumes in that story unavailable to buyers. I mean, I'm not certain how smart the "huge, interlocking story" strategy is generally, but you should probably follow through on your basic strategic choices, whatever they are.

image* Roger Langridge has a new edition of his Doctor Sputnik comics ready for sale. It's his convention publication for this season, and he says he was making it all-ages, even. Why would you not want to own this?

* Pat Oliphant adds his name to those of 17 Pulitzer winners decrying the threats made towards the animation team of Parker and Stone for their South Park episodes featuring a depiction of Muhammed.

* Sarah Morean and Brian Heater talk about festival organizing. I'm never going to remember to post the second part, so you're on your own there.

* not comics: I try not to ever feel bad for super-successful, happy-seeming people, but I almost get there with Neil Gaiman, who's receiving unwanted and unnecessary bullshit for what he charges to go and speak somewhere. People forget that part of the pricing philosophy is to discourage people from hiring you any more than a few times a year and perhaps even unless they'll work hard to make the event worth the investment in you. At any rate, Gaiman works tirelessly for his charities of choice and speaks all the time for free, so people should just shut up and leave that guy alone.

* not comics: one thing that's weird about the notion that the actor Sean Hayes can't play straight is that he did just that on commercial campaigns before scoring that horrible TV show whose name I can't remember. He was the horny straight guy in at least two ad campaigns I can remember. If audiences could process him as a straight dude back then to the point that corporations were betting millions on it, then this is all about various morons' inability to suspend belief based on the fact they used to see someone do stuff on a television show. I feel sorry for people that can't make this leap. What a benighted way to process art.

* finally, I'm not sure I understand either Sean Collins' piece on superhero regression or the piece that inspired it, but it seems to me kind of dopey to pin racial diversification on swapping people out of costumes. The worlds that the superheroes live on have such a hopelessly retrograde and inadequate sense of anything other than their white people that I don't hold out for them ever getting better.
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