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May 13, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's not a TCAF until Jamie Coville turns in his photos (TCAF/DWAs) and audio recordings (TCAF/DWAs).

image* I've said for a while that I think the X-Men properties are a weird sleeping giant at Marvel because of how long they've been locked into a certain set of stories and for how few of the works within that set have been hits on their own. (I think the similar set of stories at DC is the Legion of Super-Heroes, although the Legion would require a more severe tonal shift because its favored story set is more specific.) It would take one of the writers able to work at that scale to do it (I think they could do it without an A+ artist), and Marvel had access to one such writer in Jonathan Hickman, whom they were able to hire. The stories I hear from retailers about recent Marvel sales performance in general indicates a real opportunity for a point-towards hit, and while it's not a personal item of importance it'd be nice to have more compelling comics in the Kirby Comics part of the market.

* finally: elder abuse charges in the dismaying Stan Lee custody/control tussle that took place near his passing.
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