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May 15, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this seems like happy news: Mort Walker's International Museum of Cartoon Art holdings will find a home and a dedicated gallery at the OSU Cartoon Research Library. This has a chance of ending those works' long-time odyssey from place to place to storage to place to storage to place.

* the boutique publisher AdHouse Books has announced that its Pulphope has won a Silver Award for Publication Design at the 2007 Richmond Show.

* not comics: I think we all know it either happened already or was about to happen, but it's hard not to barf in your mouth a bit while reading this story.

image* the cartoonist Alec Longstreth finds a European publisher. I can't remember anyone other than John Porcellino finding a publisher in Europe solely on the strength of self-published mini-comics, although I'm sure that's a fraternity bigger than two members.

* love for the Top Shelf Eisner promotions package.

* why I'll never employ comments threads: one, two.

* the mega-successful Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams gives a boost to Jesse Reklaw and his work in dream comics.

* this is a really interesting historical post.

* this is pretty terrific. It'd be great to see an anthology of cartoonists interpreting scenes from books.

* here's a concise legal analysis of why DC had to come down on charity being performed with the material they own. I don't know, I think I totally agree with DC on this one.

* finally, is it my imagination, or is this a terrible title? Not for a comic book: for anything. Why does it need the proper nouns in there? "We need to make sure that no one buys this comic by accident... is there something we can do with the title that will add musty fanboy qualities to the entire affair?" Can you imagine if Lord of the Rings were called Mordor/Rivendell: Lord of the Rings?
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