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May 16, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Joyce Farmer wins, perhaps for all time, the "most fascinating day job ever held by a cartoonist" contest.

image* new Sam Kieth pages previewed at Chris Ryall's blog.

* the writer and critic David Brothers responds to that whitening of the X-Men article in resolutely critical fashion. Brothers is much more ensconced in mainstream comics than I am, and I appreciate reading his perspective on that front. I think we would agree that these issues are important and that the author of the essay loaded his arguments to the point of being untrustworthy on the issues raised.

* here's a story that I assumed was run that I can't find in the archives so it gets a big fat missed it: the opening of Fantastic Comics in the old Comic Relief space, with Image's Erik Larsen as one of the partners. Sometimes there are stories that you know you just sort of assumed you wrote something about; my bad. This is of course the second of two stores to open in the wake of the collapse of legendary Comic Relief, after The Escapist Comics Bookstore. If only multiple stores leaped to life every time we lost a great shop. CR reader Charlie Hancock, in writing in says "As of a few days ago, it's kind of sparsely stocked, but has all the new comics, a variety of collections & graphic novels, and a giant Thor's hammer display in the middle of the floor that some kids were climbing on."

* Top Shelf co-publisher Brett Warnock provides the expected, photo-driven report from the SPX in Stockholm some 8-10 days ago. Here's a cool photo set from the cartoonist Vanessa Davis from that same event.

* this strip gets that much better with that line tagged on the end.

* there was a bunch of good Bill Gallo-related stuff that went up late last week with the cartoonist's passing. There was a nice post at Cagle. There was a reaction post at Daily Cartoonist. Also at Daily Cartoonist are links to some audio recordings featuring the great sports cartoonist.

image* the cartoonist Ty Templeton explains all things God Of Thunder in four panels.

* not comics: the Financial Times has an article up that rejects the made-up standards by which magazine articles judge the most livable cities by substituting a bunch of made-up standards of its own and being snarky about the old ones. I swear to God, the entire feature writing world is becoming threads from a comics message board circa 1998. Suggesting that no not-rich people live in Vancouver -- I know about 50 -- and that a qualifying standard for a livable city is that it's easy for some out-of-town goofball to tick off things to do on a Sunday afternoon (even I know the difference between livable and fun to visit) hardly makes for a compelling case. To suggest that Monocle's list is the same as everyone else's probably isn't a safe bet, either, and reducing that publication's relentlessly articulated notions about a certain kind of artisanal commerce as a lifeblood of communities as accounting for big cups of coffee makes me glad that the whoever wrote that dismissive one-liner likely won't ever be living in the same city I will.

* not comics: the Kevin Cannon-illustrated Ben And Lucy Play Pond Hockey won a bronze medal in its kids' book group at the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards. There were two graphic novel categories
46. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book -- Humor/Cartoon
Gold: The Adventures of Jasper: Secrets of the Petroglyph, by Glen Lovett (Lovett Pictures)
Silver: Bogus: An Aldo Zelnick Comic Novel, by Karla Oceanak; illustrated by Kendra Spanjer (Bailiwick Press)
Bronze: Revenge of the Pun!, by Barry Corbett (Corbett Features)

47. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book -- Drama/Documentary
Gold: The Nature of Wonder: Volume Three, by Frank Beddor, Liz Cavalier and Sami Makkonen (Automatic Pictures Publishing)
Silver: David: The Illustrated Novel, by Michael Hicks Thompson (Shepherd King Publishing)
Bronze: Mi Barrio, by Corey Michael Blake (Round Table Press)
but I can't for the life of me recall if I've ever heard of any of those books.

* not comics: I had no idea there was an animated version of Buddha being done, but Mike Rhode sent me this link that says it is so.

* early Marvel: scorn for the Invisible Girl and 10,000 jokes about touching Thor's hammer.

* finally, if you ever doubt that Wizard is functioning in some sort of strange world of positioning brands and naming boards of directors and offering stock related to a publishing venture that's barely breathing except as a thing that issues stock, all you have to do is look at whatever current PR they've sent out. The only way I'll ever make a million dollars is if someone gives me five million and I'm allowed to lose four million of it, but it's always weird to me how things end up.
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