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May 22, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this is a good question. I'm not in retail, so I rarely think this way. My hunch is that Black Hole is the best comic in this general neighborhood, followed by A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron, but I'm probably missing something.

* speaking of missing things, I missed this comic from late last year that Dustin Harbin has left top of blog for a very long time. It's good.

* not comics: the director Zack Snyder will take a break from finishing the Justice League movie because of a tragic death in the family. Joss Whedon will work on the film in his absence. All sympathy and support to the Snyder family."

* Megan Volpert talks with Eleanor Davis.

* mainstream-focused coverage has picked up on the fact that the ballyhooed Superman/Wonder Woman romance has now been written out of the narrative of those characters' lives. I always found that plot-line icky, and not just because the Superman of that era was really unformed and uninteresting. It should give writers pause to step away from narratives that work as well as the top superheroes' work the same way you wouldn't want to mess with the Santa Claus story in a similar way. Lois Lane really works for Superman.

* finally, some not comics: Humberto Abdo on the documentary Laert-se.
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