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May 27, 2019

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a reminder of the kind of thing The Hero Initiative has been able to do over the years. I know people can be critical of comics-related charities, and I think that criticism is necessary for the general healthy of the system, but you should also take note of the positive presentations as well.

* forgot to post this bit of memory from Chris Duffy that reminds about all the smaller market corrections of the past, such as this one making shops more hostile to taking on consignments because of the amount of material that was being disseminated this way.

* not comics: Abraham Riesman on the Evil Superman trope giving a jitter-shock camera workout in the new Brightburn. I can't defeat Vulture's firewall to read the article let alone some knock-off's heat vision, but some powerful creature having it in for us is an obvious metaphor for like a billion things, take your pick. Some smartie has certainly already pointed out this is more a reversion to standard relationships in a hostile world than it is a shocking break.

* finally: in a broader sense we may just like violence and spectacle.
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