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June 9, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* that rumor of Kodansha setting up shop in North America with their own publishing company has received a strong denial from Ali Kokmen at Del Rey. It just goes to show you that you should never trust one of the Great Old Ones when it comes to comics publishing rumors. Although I guess it should be noted that 1) the rumor wasn't as I recall that Del Rey would never have licenses again, but that Kodansha would set up a publishing presence, and 2) it could have been easily denied by now, and no one I knew was able to secure a denial that was an actual denial.

* the best letter I've ever received.

image* the writer Blake Bell announces a major retrospective featuring Bill Everett, to be published by Fantagraphics. If it's half as good-looking as that Ditko book, I'm there.

* not comics: I'm no fan of newsroom culture, America's great bastion of indolence, but the pressure put on the Chicago Tribune to increase productivity and lose pages seems particularly insane. If that kind of cost-cutting analysis is applied to comics, who knows what would happen?

* not comics: people keep e-mailing me this article about the strength of campus newspapers, which means someone out there must have had it first. The fact that so many students are reading a newspaper that speaks to them suggests that it's not the fact that young people won't read, but they won't read something they don't feel is important to them. This suggests that one of the problems newspapers are facing is relevancy to fractured communities as opposed to simple formal difficulties. This interests me because the only thing I think has been done in this area has been those awful free-tabloid efforts in some cities. Could it be that newspapers simply need to get better?

* Josh Blair wants you to know how you can save on photocopy costs for this summer's minis.

* finally, the comics business news and analysis site talks to Mike Kiley of Tokyopop, who proceeds not to tell them much of anything important, such as why their recent split into two businesses was done (beyond platitudes) or where the revenue streams are expected to be for each business. Kudos to for asking and presenting the non-answers as non-answers, though. Two things they did get out of Kiley is greater word on how many titles are effected this year and an admission the market wasn't accepting everything they were publishing.
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