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June 10, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* well, yeah.

image* was Peter Bagge prudishly edited in the second of the two panels at right from his Other Lives book, as Matthew Brady suggests? Brady wondered if the image wasn't cropped and then blown up so as not to show certain parts of the original drawing. The answer is yes, yes he was edited that way. "The blogger is 100% correct," Bagge told CR. "That page was edited after the fact for prudish reasons. I wasn't happy about it and said so, but was disinclined to go to war over it." (click through the image for a bigger version of same.)

* a promise they failed to keep.

* there's a lot of humor on the comics Internet, but I can't even imagine thinking in the way Bully does where I'd be able to pull in multiple visual sources like this.

* I like the middle panel here, with the sound effect as background and strong visual element.

* finally, one thought of many that lingers from last weekend's Heroes Con is the notion that we may soon see panels where people buy stuff from the panelists as they're watching a panel, or may have offered to them unique products or products at unique prices timed into events such as a panel. That actually gets me sort of excited in a nerdy way, and I'm not sure why. I mean, there were times I was listening to Scott Hampton and Jonathan Hickman talk where I thought, "I need to get the rest of the works from these guys." Three years from now, sitting in the audience, I may be inclined to do so.
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