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June 15, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* reactions to the closure of Buenaventura Press.

* Gary Tyrrell talks to Carly Monardo about her fundraising efforts on behalf of the various ecological issues facing the Gulf of Mexico.

* I love the looks of this Comico press packet Mike Sterling's uncovered.

image* is this the first smashed logo?

* people keep e-mailing me this link to a Gary Panter short story, and why wouldn't they?

* I'm pretty much with Kurtz on this one. It's not that I think that making decisions that benefit your existing retail relationships is a bad policy, I just think treating a retail channel like shit but then letting that shitty, advantageous relationship dictate terms in other markets is a bad idea.

* Howard Cruse looks at the press attention the re-publication of Stuck Rubber Baby has received.

* one of the great joys of the comics blogging calendar year is Mike Manley's evisceration of fanboy excesses that cross his path at the Wizard event in Philadelphia, whatever it's being called that year. I look forward to it so much I'll even post a link to the teaser image.

* so apparently the new Aqualad lives down the street from CR's headquarters in beautiful downtown Silver City, NM. There's not a lot in the way of water around here, but I'm sure that's a story point. One thing that's weird to me is characters taking other character's names. And if you were going to do that, would you take "Aqualad"?

* I'm sure this post about Ernie Bushmiller is great, because pretty much all posts by smart people like Jeet Heer about Ernie Bushmiller are great, but that is one challenging-to-get-past title, let me tell you.

* the writer and reviewer Johnny Bacardi continues his series on 1960s Thor comics. When I was a kid, that circus plotline in Thor enraged me, and I can't remember why.

* the great Paul Gravett talks about Argentina's rich tradition of comics-making. If I were to sit down and make a list of posts about comics I'd want to read, I'd come up with something a lot like that description.

* finally, Kate Dacey lists her 10 favorite CMX manga titles.
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