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June 17, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* a great bit of publishing news noticed by Bhob Stewart: DailyInk is running more vintage comics now.

image* it figures that two cartoonists to take note of Bloomsday would be Dave Lasky and Richard Thompson, both of whom seem to me smart, funny and kind souls.

* I lack the skill set to make predictions about technological innovations based on PR, but at least Dark Horse is bringing new partners to the party.

* speaking of PR, I don't know what to make of the announcement of manga companies making an investment in an on-line publishing facilitator. Beyond the obvious surface elements, of course. I mean, just on the face of it that would be news.

* Kevin Huizenga and Jeet Heer are talking Ernie Bushmiller.

* either this is the first review I can recall seeing of Joe Daly's first Dungeon Quest book, or I'm forgetting where I first saw a first one. That book is deeply, deeply weird and at the same time really fits into that general King City/Prison Pit grouping that's reasonably popular right now.

* so I guess Brandon Graham is blogging now? Or at least doing a series of guest posts at Inkstuds? I figured he was blogging somewhere.

* with great financial power comes the great responsibility to stuff your home with as much Spider-Stuff as possible.

* via Sean T. Collins comes news of maybe the greatest back-issues sale ever.

* Sandy Bilus revisits the Best Of 2009 Meta-List and adds information about the number of lists on which various comics appear. I did a list about comics some ten years ago and that was a tough measure -- I think we finally just included everything that reached a certain threshold. Or something.

* finally, I love the look of early Peanuts more than it's rational to love lines on paper. Also: Lucy Van Pelt has to be the most underrated character in comic strip history.
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