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June 20, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this seems like a smart, classy way to get around the dilemma of not wanting to draw Marvel or DC characters at a convention, particularly one like Heroes Con where a significant part of the culture is drawing, period, including sketches of mainstream comics characters. Then again, it shouldn't surprise considering the source.

image* Rob Steibel compares some original Marvel Comics color to some re-colored collection and the original comic beats the newer page half to death it's so not even a contest. We really need to switch our entire culture to orient itself to rich, scanned-in work for all but a few exceptions, and the Fantagraphics/Barks strategy when we don't.

* not comics: pretty sure I'm going to hell for laughing when I saw this.

* Johnny Bacardi on a bunch of different comics. Rob Clough on Paying For It. Bob Temuka on Midnight Surfer. Greg McElhatton on Only Skin. One of the Trouble With Comics guys reviews Supreme #64. Sean Gaffney on Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 1. Grant Goggans on Slaine: Lord Of Misrule. Sean T. Collins on Jerusalem. Rob Wells on Champions Classic Vols. 1-2. Brian Hibbs crushes a lot of comics here. Ed Sizemore on NonNonBa.

* not comics: Dean Haspiel walks through the correspondence for an illustration assignment that didn't work out. This is actually a fairly genial exchange, and there's a 50 percent kill fee, and it's still depressing.

* this is slightly adorable.

* Dan Morrill talks to Micah Baldwin.

* not comics: hearken back to the days of commercial art empires. Those probably weren't great days, but they sure were different. I bet some nice-looking work came out of those places, too.

* David Brothers wants to know if you want a new comics interview podcast.

* finally, I love this early '60s Marvel stationery, plus that their phone number had the word "Templeton" in it. That is a wonderful-sounding word.
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