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June 21, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the CBLDF is about fighting bad law, and they don't get much worse-sounding than the new Tennessee law HB 300.

image* there's a nice-looking, apparently obscure Mazzucchelli page posted at The Adventures Of Mr. Phil.

* condolences to Evan Dorkin and his family on putting their beloved Crushy to sleep.

* I keep meaning to catch up with Douglas Wolk's survey article on the state of digital comics, but just because I'm unable to consume the thing doesn't mean you should have to wait for me. It struck me on an initial read as sturdy as anything Wolk writes.

* a look at a mid-1990s on-line comics effort from Marvel.

* the prolific writer-about-comics Graeme McMillan reads a bunch of "Flashpoint" comics so you don't have to. He's right about a Lois Lane comic, too. That would be one of the eight titles a lot of fans would launch in a modest digital-only initiative, and it didn't seem to make DC's initial 52.

* we should probably be able to pre-order everything at this point. As folks still claim it takes four months to change a catalog address list, I'm not waiting up.

* Brian Chippendale writes about a specific X-Men book, the X-Men generally, and comics even more generally.

* these descriptions of scenes via dialogue from the Green Lantern movie -- okay, not really -- are probably hilarious if you've seen the flick, and they're pretty good if you haven't.

* Bully's Fathers' Day post is something to behold. My goodness, all that scanning, all that finding things to scan...

* Paul Gravett re-runs an interview with Jerry Moriarty, the one that ran in Escape back in the late 1980s.

* Dustin Harbin shows off his donation to the Team Cul De Sac initiative to fight Parkinson's, and talks about Richard Thompson and his work more generally.

* finally, Darryl Ayo talks about the downside of collecting with passion -- you may end up with too many comics for the physical space in which you're living. I'm a ruthless culler of comics material and I don't have the collecting gene in the first place, and even I have too many comics. I dream of the day, coming soon, when I can get rid of the whole bunch. I also wonder if that's not going to be a huge, huge appeal of the digital comics age, although I'm certainly not in the first 37,000 people to have that thought.
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