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July 10, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* here's a nice post about efforts to mount a Searle show on the West Coast, efforts that include a Searle tribute art auction.

* Emily Nordling on Genius. Kevin Cortez on Alternative Comics #4. Andrew Weiss on Dragonsword. Matt Brady on various mini-comics.

* here are the Eisner nominees that are women.

* go, look: Gary Panter draws and writes about the books that had an influence on him. Or something. That's how they describe it, anyway. It's pretty cool. The Billy Ireland folks find some Charles Pearson.

* Johanna Draper Carlson pivots off of Juliet Kahn's article to pen a few words about fashion as an element in comics. They're both fun to read. I have a suspicion that the move away from clip morgues has had an effect, and that the disposable nature of most comic books facilitated a tradition where this stuff isn't strongly emphasized.

* not certain I've ever seen this photo of Steranko and Kirby before, although I feel like I should have, if that makes any sense.

* Rob McMonigal talks to Dave Wachter and James Andrew Clark.

* not comics: that's a lovely illustration by Laura Park.

* someone put a link to this Munoz/Sampayo interview on Tumblr where people started e-mailing it to me. It's always worth a read.

* Ken Parille has written about the color red in ACME Novelty Library #19, which I've just re-read.

* Michael Kupperman + Quincy = comedy gold.

* finally, Rina Piccolo writes about living creatively.
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