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August 3, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* congratulations to Tucker Stone on five years of blogging. The only thing better than five years of blogging is quitting at four years, but I bet Tucker already knows that.

image* Chris Oliveros wrote a nice note here about Seth's 20th anniversary publishing Palooka-Ville through Drawn & Quarterly. That's quite an achievement in the alt-comics world, and congratulation to Seth and his publisher. Speaking of D+Q, the Doug Wright Awards picked up right away on news of a new Nipper. The artwork from Wright during the period covered is pretty unbelievably sharp.

* the great Paul Gravett reviews work featuring (in different ways) two formidable British writers: Alan Moore, Grant Morrison.

* Philip Nel calls this article on Crockett Johnson the most thorough look at his life yet published, and I'm not going to argue with him.

* I love the species of feature know as the "Local Cartoonist Profile." Here's one of Hy Eisman.

* not comics: nice tattoo. From the same site, a look back at one of that handful of English language underground manga anthologies that came out several years ago.

* a few of you e-mailed me this article profiling a smattering of webcomics cartoonists based on their ability to make a living from their work. That usually means someone had it first, and I apologize to that person.

* Johanna Draper Carlson caught that Image redesigned their site and has included digital purchase links. I assume everyone will be doing that soon, although three years ago I would have assumed that everyone would have done that by now.

* two noteworthy reviews of the Fantagraphics Peanuts: one from a hipster dad, one from a dad and his daughter.

* the first sentence of this blog post by J. Caleb Mozzocco made me laugh. I'm not sure I understood much of what follows.

* I don't think I've ever read or listed to an interview with Kevin O'Neill.

* the critic Rob Clough recommends Jeff Zwirek's kickstarter fund-raiser.

* over at Comic Riffs, Michael Cavna picks six effective cartoons about the debt ceiling stand-off or whatever the hell that was that I kept fleeing with my remote control. I like the Toles.

* someone please use The Big Alvin.

* finally, you're reading Brian Ralph's diary comics about Comic-Con over at TCJ, right? Here's day two. Here's day three.
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