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July 27, 2015

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I'm grateful to Sean Kleefeld to cover the Patreon. To be clear, if I make a certain amount of money, I really do hire columnists to cover areas in which I'm weak. That would have to be a level at which I wouldn't mind failing to take home the 1000 an issue a full bank of columnists would cost, even if I were being super-cheap about it.

image* Todd Klein on Storms At Sea. Rob Clough on Miseryland. Todd Klein on Superman #41.

* this profile of besieged Malaysian cartoonist Zunar is pretty open about the fact that the hysterical reaction to his work by government officials has made him a worldwide arts celebrity. Thanks, jerks.

* this isn't comics, but it's horrible. The thing is, we live in a culture that if these folks were caught the cry would go up against serious punishment because it would be seen as an overreaction. I think it's deliberate, ugly act of harassment and constitutes a public danger by taking cops off of the street for duration of the prank.

* animated Cerebus. Do they even offer portfolios anymore?

* finally, David Robertson takes up for Al Williamson, an artist who frequently worked in commercial contexts where he was under-appreciated.
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