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August 4, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* if you only read one thing today: Jeet Heer interviews the important comics scholarship publishing figure Seetha Srinivasan about the work the University of Mississippi Press did in this area under her watch.

* Mark Evanier charges into the room for his annual kicking of the small dog that is the insistence of the awesomeness that automatically awaits Comic-Con International if only they'd move to Anaheim, LA or Las Vegas. One retailer recalls the 1987 Comic-Con.

image* the cut-off date for retail orders on the Hero Initiative's cool-looking Gene Colan Tomb of Dracula poster, to help the distinguished artist out of some medical-related financial rough waters, is this Thursday. If nothing else, you should follow the link to go look at it.

* comic book legend Joe Simon disagrees with Gerard Jones. Speaking of cartoonists from the Golden Age of American Cartooning, this discovery of Will Eisner newspaper printing plates is pretty cool.

* Circuit City sells magazines?

* Jamie Coville wrote in with links to a truckload of CCI panels and the Eisner Awards: How Not to Break Into Comics, The Future of the Comic Pamphlet, Golden Age/Silver Age of Comics Panel, That's 70s (Comics) Panel, Jim Warren spotlight, Colleen Doran's Resources for Creators Panel, The Black Panel, The World of Steve Ditko, Fan vs Pro Trivia Panel, The Eisner Awards Ceremony.

* it looks like the Comics Journal recorded one, too: The World of Graphic Novels.

* I believe I already posted a link to this massive interview with Alan Moore, but if I didn't, it's worth taking a look. So is this roundtable about Watchmen featuring Moore and Dave Gibbons that ran in Fantasy Advertiser a couple of decades ago.

* what the hell?

* not comics but a chance to see a great cartoonist at work: a Steve Brodner video about John McCain.

* finally, one of the weirder things about reading last week's coverage of July's Comic-Con International is the rebirth of the notion that comics = heroic fantasy, arrived at through a backhanded construction: namely, that examples of visual media intersecting with fantasy and superheroes are okay to have at Comic-Con but non-comics expressive works that don't have a hero or some sort of fantastic element to them aren't welcome. What's up with that?
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