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August 18, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the writer Don MacPherson gets real figures on how much security and traffic control costs Comic-Con International.

image* the critic and cultural historian Jeet Heer kicks off a discussion of influential mainstream comics artists at Comics Comics, using the AV Club article from a while back as a springboard.

* the cartoonist Kate Beaton will be on Inkstuds this Thursday at 2 PM Pacific Time, and they will be set up to take your phoned-in questions live and on the air. As always, CR reminds that "Why are you awesome?" is not a real question.

* a cartoonist with four strips and six places to post them reduces his workload by consolidating the on-line portion of his collective venues. This is one of those stories where the real story was the craziness that was going on before as opposed to the change being made.

* you know, there's really no good way to write a link to an article about tents being pitched.

* we all miss letters column -- those of us of a certain age, anyway -- but only Mark and Sergio are doing something about it. Actually, I'm sure other people are, too. Well, crap. Hey, all these link presentations can't be winners.

* that Maxim "Oral History Of Marvel Comics" article is on-line for a limited time.

* let it be known that Read Comics All Day... Day is October 3. Don't expect t-shirts or anything, but you are encouraged to drink beer and eat pizza.

* finally, the Couscous Collective has launched a new store and is offering new volumes of Skin Horse to make that launch go go go.
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