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August 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* go, look: Andrea Shockling.

* Gary Tyrrell discusses the long game at Skin Horse.

* this made me laugh a little bit for sure.

* what Kelly Froh is reading.

* here's a bunch of comics I looked at on-line that I didn't get a chance to list on the blog in timely fashion: "Eyes That Follow," "For My Father," "Stop And Smell The Roses," "Landor, Maker Of Monsters," 1000 Jokes #79, Love Scandals #1,

* that was a very successful Flame Con.

* this is the first time I've read of Alan Moore coming out of retirement, which means it's the first time I've fully taken is that he is retired now.

* finally: John Byrne draws Cyclops. Chris Schweizer draws Batman.
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