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September 10, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Kevin Cannon writes in with the good news that the Eric "Schmapples" Lappegard event in Minneapolis on Saturday saw heavy turnout and raised over $6000 in book sales, a raffle and original art sales. More information on the event can be found here, and more on the related anthology here.

* The retiring Phil Frank thanks his readers, the readers thank him back, and we're all witness to the accolades of his peers.

image* If you don't remember anything else I post this week, remember this: Russ Maheras writes in to say he's just completed a Sunday-style Steve Canyon 60th anniversary strip that will run in September 24 in the military publications Air Force Times, Army Times, Navy Times and Marine Corp Times. The four publications have a combined circulation of around a quarter million copies. Maheras says that the strip involves Steve Canyon going to investigate Taliban activity in modern-day Afghanistan. People can get individual copies by phoning the publishers's customer service department (800-368-5718) or sending e-mail to the week of publication. Copies will cost $4.50 including shipping. Copies thereafter will cost $6.50 including shipping. Click through the teaser image for a bigger teaser image.

* This is the North American debut for the Persepolis film, right?

* Ozzy Cochrane sent in a nice note wherein here recommends this long post at, which is mostly about superhero comic books, but isn't blinkered to the existence of other types of books. I thought that post read very old school, the kind of thing you used to see a lot more of 5-7 years ago.

* Xaviar Xerexes wrote in to say that Josh Roberts of and has assumed control over the encyclopedia at The news site that used to go by that name has officially changed its name to ComixTalk to avoid being confused with Mr. Roberts' new property.

* Just to prove you shouldn't believe bloggers that tell you that sports cartoonists are no longer around [*cough*], one of their number celebrates 25 years of publication with his newspaper.

* Of the mainstream comics house publishing news that emerged from the Baltimore Comic-Con (Marvel is apparently saving their announcements for today's Diamond summit), the two blurbs that caught my eye were Sergio Aragones writing the Spirit comic after Darwyn Cooke departs, and Jim Shooter returning to the Legion of Super-Heroes, where a long time ago he made his name as I believe the only fetus to ever write a DC super-comic. Their combined age is I think 126 years old, which I like, but admittedly might cause some people to make unflattering jokes about the age of superhero audiences.
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