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September 11, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* our pals at Isotope have announced a call for submissions in the 2008 version of their award for excellence in mini-comics.

* the cartoonist Ben Towle has the table layout for the forthcoming Small Press Expo. I've been meaning to go back to SPX for quite some time. Although at one time I was more in favor of moves and strategy that would have made that event more of a festival and less of a small press show, it's certainly thrived to the point where I was likely very, very wrong.

image* speaking of conventions, James Owen has an entertaining map comparison of San Diego's Comic-Con, then and now. I want to go to the Moebius table.

* the prominent blogger Dirk Deppey weighs in on that deeply stupid story about DC recalling a Batman comic because there are dirty words in it. I guess if there's an angle that hasn't been explored, it might be either a) Frank Miller's reaction given his long-ago complaints about censorship at the big companies, b) how printing a word and then putting a block over it is totally freaking weird beyond anything any of us has ever heard before and all other speculative threads should be stopped while we all sit around and marvel over the sublime goofiness of this practice. Is someone pulling our leg here? Because this sounds insane. Do they perhaps fully delineate Superman's hogan and then draw his costume over it? Is this why an Action Comics issue was rumored to be pulped as well? Do we have a new explanation whenever a comic is late involving inking and body hair? Is this why Aquaman has never been late? Comics is strange.

* I've thought about accepting applications for an intern, but I barely do any work myself let alone create so much spillover work as to occupy another person, so you'd really just be coming over and talking about comics. Does anyone out there want to come over and talk about comics and watch White Shadow re-runs on with me? If so, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

* people keep writing me to say that they're selling Watchmen at Target, and that this fine North American retailer and I would guess butt of various Larry the Cable Guy jokes doesn't otherwise sell comic books. Speaking of Watchmen, Alexandre Su wrote in to remind me that international editions of such books are common; what isn't common is offering them in North America. I had expressed some puzzlement about this yesterday, and jokingly suggested the international edition of Watchmen was like the international edition of Monopoly or had to be read with a Pepe Le Pew accent.

* I found this review to be hilarious.

* finally, if these two stories are any indication, Aron Head is going to blog only about items of fervent fan discussion from 1995: being ashamed of your comics reading, winnowing one's comic book collection.
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