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September 16, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Michael Cavna has a nice preview up of the Library of Congress' new cartoon-related exhibit.

image* here's a photo comic starring a very young Kim Thompson. He'll almost certainly correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Thompson was part of a letter-exchanging group of people that included Mark Gruenwald -- whose publication is the instigating factor in the short comic's story -- Jo Duffy and Rob Rodi.

* there's a review round-up of new DC Comics reviews at FPI's blog.

* Alan Gardner at The Daily Cartoonist comes out in support of the newspapers that killed Doonesbury this week. I think the act of killing this week's Doonesbury was ridiculous, and that there wasn't any principle involved except for not wanting to deal with the complaints and possible subscription drops. Columnists run material ahead of book publication all the time, and in fact prominent bloggers and members of on-line media did so in the case of today's cartoon reveal about Sarah Palin and basketball player Glen Rice. It's a pretty messed up society that fixates on a celebrity sort-of politician's sex life from the 1980s, granted, but there are ways for people to avoid this kind of close scrutiny -- just not a lot of them that allows one to make a lot of money. (I'm personally surprised from a political standpoint that few people in that realm seem to fully understand that a politician/celebrity that deftly employs the "I'm just like you" avenue of appeal is enhanced by any reveal of a past discretion and doubly enhanced by perceived persecution for same.)

* this has to be fake, because kids don't like comics and girls don't like superheroes.

* I like how they unexpectedly ratchet up the weird in the first sentence.

* not comics: Peter Richardson asserts that artists earning nothing and/or having day jobs is nothing new, which he talks about in response to an analysis speaking of the decline in money for writers. I think there are some cultural trends that are driving down some previously-inflated revenues, for sure, but that there's also a great deal of exploitation when it comes to negotiating these changes. Same with newspapers; same with anything. As a money-starved industry generally, comics holds a lot of clues as to where things might be headed, and I would imagine that's an equal number of honorable arts business that don't rely on older models in terms of location and perceived resource allocation needs and callous businessmen that seek to pass along any reduction in rewards available to the lowest person on the ladder: the freelancer. I also think one place where comics' Hollywood fixation hurts it is that we're that much slower in developing alternative methods of supporting the continued, long-term publication of comics.

* how Star Wars saved the comic book industry. Jim Shooter quotes almost always make me laugh.

* Sean Gaffney on Cage Of Eden Vol. 1. Don MacPherson on Legion Lost #1. J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of comics that showed up at the shop this week. Johanna Draper Carlson on New Avengers #16 and X-Factor #224.1. Kristian Williams on Liar's Kiss.

* finally, I don't remember how I arrived there, so apologies to the person who directed me, but here's a conversation about creating covers for Commando.
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