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September 27, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Laura Miller presents her choices for top graphic novels on the stands via the super-annoying slideshow format. I hope there's good stuff past choice #3, because I'll never know.

image* Till Thomas sent along photos from an art comics-related gallery opening that happened in conjunction with the Hamburg Comics Festival.

* Paul Di Filippo on Habibi. Todd Klein on Justice League #1, Sinestro, and The Spirit #17. Rob Clough on Love & Rockets: New Stories #4. Sean Gaffney on Hayate The Combat Butler Vol. 18. Don MacPherson on Legion Of Super-Heroes #1. Greg McElhatton on Wonder Woman #1. KC Carlson on a bunch of New 52 books. Johanna Draper Carlson on Gandhi: A Manga Biography and Bubbles & Gondola. Sharayah Read on Beneath The Valley Of Rage #1. Josh Kopin on Outfoxed. Mike Sterling on Firestorm The Nuclear Man.

* Martin Wisse has praise for an insight of Tim O'Neil's concerning Cerebus and '80s/'90s comics generally.

* Wizard names its essential underground artists, which may seem superfluous given how much of Wizard's content over the years has been about celebrating the great comix-makers of the '60s and '70s. It's not a great list, although everyone on it is actually an underground comics cartoonist (RAW isn't really best understood or even widely thought of as an underground comics magazine). Points to Wizard for I think only spelling one cartoonist's name wrong and for not trying to shoehorn someone like Jim Steranko into there.

* Michael Dooley talks to Joan Crosby Tibbetts. Alex Dueben talks to Dan Vado. Tim O'Shea talks to Michael Kupperman. Glen Weldon talks to Kate Beaton.

* two really fine examples of link-blogging at the rock-solid Robot 6: a funny headline, graphic and idea here; a great find and potential insight here.

* support the CBLDF and learn about the business of promotion by attending this pay event. My own advice for helping people promote their comics is to leave me alone because it's almost certainly going to be easier for me to steal links from other blogs than to understand your press release all on my own, but admittedly I haven't yet had my coffee this morning.

* holy haddock, Aquaman is 70. I still find it fascinating that this guy talks to fish. I know how to swim and how to punch people I don't like and I've worn at least one bright orange shirt in my lifetime; I've never, ever talked to a fish, let alone had one talk back to me. You can keep your harpoon hands, palace machinations and sunken San Diegos: I'd read hundreds of pages of straight-up conversations with sea creatures and pay for the opportunity to do so.

* not really comics, but still quite disturbing.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco asks after the newsworthiness of some random new dude on the re-launched youthful super-team Teen Titans being gay when they just could have made someone like whichever Robin is on the team gay. Now that the Robin role is supposed to be an internship program, shouldn't it be more diverse? What kind of anti-American program is Batman running up there?

image* look at these lovely Rand Holmes illustrations.

* if I remember the story correctly, about 15 years ago when I worked at The Comics Journal we had the subscriptions person search the database to see if anyone famous got the magazine so we could get a quote from them. The only person that popped up was Andy Richter. Gary said, "Who is Andy Richter?" and after five minutes of an argument that's been mercifully blocked from my memory we decided to stick with a quotes-from-cartoonists campaign.

* here's a treat, especially if you're a fan of the specific work but also if you just like comics process posts: JM DeMatteis posts the original proposal for Abadazad.

* Chris Schweizer draws a man in uniform. Here's another longish post with a lot of art from Brandon Graham.

* not comics: here's an outcome that hasn't been fully explored -- newspaper going behind a pay wall but doing it at a really cheap price with plenty of incentives. It's amazing how much absolute white noise and incomprehensibility still exists on an issue that people once thought would resolve itself five years ago.

* this letter from W. Dal Bush about stocking Marvel collections, specifically those from Grant Morrison's X-Men run, cracked me up.

* finally, I totally missed this: James Romberger on Milton Caniff and IDW's Terry And The Pirates collections.
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