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September 28, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there was a lot of admirable material to come out of the comics-focus of this year's Banned Books Week. I thought the CBLDF board members all did a laudable job, as in this interview Jeff Smith did with The Guardian.

image* Alex Dueben talks to Kelly Sue DeConnick.

* I can't get at this story directly and I'm too tired to track it down on the loop-around, but it's apparently a profile of recent New Yorker covers. It's hard to imagine they're any more provocative than that run of Art Spiegelman covers from early on in the Tina Brown era, but I imagine they're more alarming than William Shawn's purposefully bland run before that. Anything that gets people to pay attention to what is usually a highlight of the week in publishing is okay with me.

* you ever stop and think what a great ambassador for comics Jim Woodring is?

* I guess a few news source caught wind of moved Milo Manara variant covers in light of the recent Spider-Woman cover controversy and wrote articles according to what one may infer from the proximity of those two things. CBR has Axel Alonso saying it's just a scheduling thing, and they'll continue to work with the artist. Those are commercial jobs, and I don't really put a lot of moral force into decisions one way or another with that kind of thing. In fact, I'd like all of the variants to go away, or at least be reduced by 90 percent or so.

* David Ulin on The Hospital Suite.

* Dan Nadel is busier than you are.

* my understanding of on-line comics is so rudimentary right now that I'm not even sure I knew that Alex Schubert is doing Blobby Boys cartoons for Vice.

* finally, I appreciate someone doing this with some of my brother Whit's SPX photos because I missed the prom.
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