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September 11, 2007

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* The extradition of Pennsylvania comics retailer and Pittsburgh con organizer Michael George to Michigan to face murder charges for the comics store slaying of his wife in 1990 has been delayed while PA authorities look over the documentation.

* Scott McCloud's Making Comics has won the graphic novel category at the Reed Business/NBC book awards The Quills. The other nominees in the category were Ode to Kirihito (Osamu Tezuka), Alice in Sunderland (Bryan Talbot), Exit Wounds (Rutu Modan), and Aya (Marguerite Abouet, Clement Oubrerie). I imagine it's mind-blowing for McCloud to win any award in a category where he was nominated alongside Tezuka. It may also be worth noting that this is the first time I can remember one of these more mainstream-focused graphic novel prizes going to a decidedly non-fiction work. A broadcast of the awards is schedule for October 27 on NBC.

* David Hyde has been promoted from Director of Publicity to Vice President of Publicity at DC Comics. This is worth noting because DC takes its title promotions seriously even when there's not a shock change in duties, and because it's another step in what will probably end up being a half-decade's worth of reform and maneuvering within the part of DC's business that helps publicize, market and sell its books and related items.

* Platinum Studios prepares to go public and receives $5 million in capitalizing funds. This is vaguely depressing for a lot of people in comics for whom $5 million could fund a publishing with an actual track record instead of simply claiming one for basically forever, only maybe without the desired outcome that all oars will be spent towards finding a place in the movie business on some level. For other people, it's probably a time to express nausea at people harshing on Platinum Studios for playing the minor-league Hollywood game and spending money that adults are indeed willing to give them. Me, I'm in the former camp. I guess if you looked at the news story with dry eyes, the most interesting element might be the function of on-line media in making such an offer attractive, whether that is going to work or not. Kevin Church seems to agree with me.
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