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October 3, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* great job, Jay.

image* Josh Kramer talks to Jason Lutes.

* Julia Alekseyeva on Cartoon Dialectics #3.

* Rocko Jerome on the Olivia Jaimes panel at CXC. That's the show I help run. Olivia was great, and we're honored she did the show. She also had legitimate security concerns. As a result, one of the things we did is we switched rooms on that panel due to some structural issues with the rooms and as its own pivot. Communicating that widely via social media would have defeated the purpose of the switch. Some people got burnt on that, and I'm sincerely apologetic. We did not execute that one hundred percent as well as it needed to be executed. That must have sucked. I'm super-sorry. First, please: blame me. I'm not only responsible overall, but I introduced the idea of this specific maneuver. Anyone that wants to inquire after as much of a make-good as I can provide -- and I know I can't match the lousiness of being shut out -- .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) My guess is that with the information I had on my plate I would have made the same decision every time out, even if I might hope to execute specific parts of that plan more effectively. We'll take steps in that direction, too: including plans for some sort of press access at events where it applies. Still, then and now, we will always put the special needs of our guests first. We have to.

* I like that article, by the way, even though I'm responding to an idea floated there. I don't mean for any of that to be an indictment in any way of Rocko's clear prose, smart contextualization and well-observed remarks. I appreciate him designating the story worth covering, and I appreciate the criticism. That's not always easy.

* finally: Chris Britt's recent Brett Kavanaugh cartoon re-introduces the idea of making the a politician's family fair game if the politician brings them up. This is old-fashioned political posturing to an almost 100 percent degree, of course, not a serious investigation of what might or might not be prudent or responsible, but taken straight it's interesting stuff.
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