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October 5, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Heidi MacDonald has a nice piece up on the just-past Big Apple Con, which was supposed to compete with this weekend's New York Comic Con but looks to have only competed with anything in terms of sadness. Actually, that's not true, I just liked saying it. I will admit that I totally forgot the show even existed, I wasn't trying to freeze it out or anything.

image* four webcomics cartoonists bid farewell to Cathy, courtesy of the Toronto Star.

* things he has done at the mall.

* not comics: I like movies, too, and I understand that the average person doesn't have the hard boundaries I might have; I just wish there was as much enthusiasm over major comics publishing announcements, at least in the core of the comics community.

* take a gander at Pat Lewis' Halloween postcard.

* not comics: so I take it from this post that DC marketing has shifted away from including Wonder Woman as a primary marketable superhero and has instead gone with former second-stringers like Green Lantern or Flash? That's fairly interesting. It's never been a secret to Hollywood that young girls imprint upon male protagonist with much greater ease than boys find common cause with female protagonists.

* here's an entire blog post about Little Orphan Annie-style blank eyeballs and their use by those drawing pulp heroes.

* I don't always like articles about the virtues of marketing, but this one seems more practical than most.

* after reading this, I'm still not sure exactly how old Naruto is, but it's unsurprisingly somewhere in the restless 'tween range.

* not comics: as a fan of the bizarre and endearing awesomeness that is the Star Trek fan film community, I look forward to someone doing something similar with Elfquest.

* the cartoonist Ty Templeton writes in praise of departing Vertigo editor Joan Hilty and lists some of her best comics from his perspective.

* I like a man comfortable enough in his own skin to own a Robin sketchbook.

* not comics: I can't imagine a delay in the publication of the sure-to-be-absorbing DC Universe shared universe whatever-you-call-them game is a good thing, because it seems to me there's room for someone to really seize the territory with a game of this kind that works. It looks hideously violent.

* finally, how come I don't get invited to participate in these rad-sounding conference calls? Kelly Sue DeConnick has worked in both theater and comics; she knows evil men.
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