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October 31, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Alex Dueben talks to Katharine Collins for TCJ, which I guess they're splitting into two parts. Remember that although the Neil The Horse collection debuted back around TCAF time, the American distribution was set for Fall. So that book will be brand new for many US readers.

image* Caleb Orecchio on looking at color through the prism of Classics Illustrated.

* don't know that I've ever seen this advertisement before extolling the virtues of Marvel's early 1960s sales surge, although I'm aware of the truth they portray.

* all-timer, not an all-timer, whatever: this one made me laugh.

* Howard Chaykin makes a forceful claim for his American Flagg! as one of those influential works that shapes the course of art's development so thoroughly that it erases the unique nature of the original work.

* finally: a few Seattle cartoonists sketch patients' stories at a big, free, public opportunity for many to receive healthcare.
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