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November 7, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Gilbert Gottfried talks to Drew Friedman.

* Katsuhiro Otomo paints.

* not comics: Laura Park is undeniably fun.

* go, read: accomplished prose writers in various media pick graphic novels they like. No big surprises here.

* Elias Rosner takes a lengthy look at all of the Thor comics written this last half-decade by Jason Aaron. I've liked those I've read, but I haven't gone very deep. It's the only one I'm picking up right now with any regularity, but thats mostly about how very little of that line interests me even in a professional interest sense.

* Richard Sala has assembled a bunch of Leonora Carrington images here.

* finally, not comics/bundled extra: a second prose novel for writer G. Willow Wilson.
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