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November 18, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this post questions the use of a real-world ethnic group in a recent Hellboy series.

image* the passage of Proposition 8 in California earlier this month is expected to have a negative effect on business that have supplied services to the marriage industry, straight and gay. One of those businesspeople is cartoonist Ellen Forney, who has designed wedding invitations for a variety of couples. I asked her how it was going. "Right now I have an excited client-couple who got married a few months ago in CA, and I imagine they'll still have their big reception here, but this has really taken the wind out of their sails. This is obviously just a side business for me, but these waves of legalizing and banning have hardly helped create a celebratory atmosphere for a gay wedding." Ellen's wedding invitation page is here.

* the retailer Joe Field found an old sketchbook of Tom Beland's.

* the great Stan Sakai reports from the recent CAPS dinner where Bil Keane received that organization's "Sergio." Keane is a very funny man, and well-liked by his fellow cartooning professionals to a degree that would surprise people that don't think well of his long-running Family Circus. One thing worth noting is that the dinner was moved because of the fires in that region.

* finally, not comics: I liked the new James Bond movie just fine. I had no problem following any of the action, and I'm a visual simpleton. I was grateful there was nothing that made me grind my teeth like Texas Hold'em standing in for Baccarat or the Special Chair of Testicle Destruction. It shared with the last film a sly shifting of the standard dramatic beats (short form: it's not about what happens to Bond, it's about what Bond chooses to do). I always enjoy Jeffrey Wright, although I wish we lived in a world where (if he wanted) he never left the stage. It was an entertaining enough 90 minutes, never close to transcendent being a Bond movie and all, and I'll forget it 20 minutes from now. Mission accomplished.
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