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November 21, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sergio Aragones joins Team Cul-De-Sac and whoa.

image* Emily Carroll draws fan art for this Fall's rush of new game releases.

* Paul Gravett talks to Charles Burns. Two nice men named Richard and Duncan talk to Anders Nilsen. Josh Shaffer talks to Dean Haspiel.

* Derik A Badman announces that The Panelists, a group blog with an academic focus, will be shutting down. They're not going to blow it up or anything; they're just going to let their domain name expire in early 2012. So if there's something you want from there, go get it now before the holidays distract you. I know I'll be taking a month-to-month spin to see if there's anything I missed. I was surprised to see that the site has been up only since January of this year. All of the writers have outlets elsewhere, which seems to have been part of the problem with keeping a flow of updates going there.

* Mark Evanier sounds happy with the first volume of the new Pogo collection series, and he should be: that's a lovely-looking book.

* I don't know that you'll be able to see this because I can never tell what people's Facebook settings are, but Drew Friedman has posted a scan of an old magazine spread showing off the actor Fred Gwynne's cartooning. Sometimes I think the weirdly eclectic career of the kind Gwynne enjoyed isn't possible anymore; other times I think that everyone has that kind of career these days but the difference now is that no one gets paid for any of it.

* apparently there's a documentary coming out called The Guy Delisle Chronicles, about his time doing the comics work that will be his 2012 English-release comics trade Jerusalem.

* that's one way of putting it.

* Graeme McMillan pulls a Kieron Gillen quote that suggests some plot-points in mainstream comics that seem to need explanation don't really need explanation to the genuinely new readers, even though such plot elements are usually described as "new reader unfriendly."

* not comics: Josh Neufeld remembers his super.

* Sean Gaffney on Tesoro. Grant Goggans on Bite Club. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Blabber Blabber Blabber. Johanna Draper Carlson on A Bride's Story Vol. 2, Comic Book Comics #6 and Tesoro. Dan Morrill on Near Death #1.

* Tom K drops a link-loaded Minneapolis scene report. It's like there's a convention there every day.

* for seemingly no particular reason -- the best kind of reason there is! -- Dylan Horrocks posted a link to this gallery of cartoon imagery of post-apocalyptic Japan.

* finally, two alt-comics stalwarts would like to sell you some stuff. Tom Neely has a tour poster print. Dustin Harbin has a whole mess of stuff for your perusal that I like to imagine were all in a magical trunk next to his drawing table.
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