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November 20, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I read a lot of comics featuring John Byrne's Wolverine when I was a wee lad and never knew this.

image* Paul O'Brien on Nightcrawler #7. I wasn't even aware there was a Nightcrawler series right now. That's a pretty interesting creation to me as it sort of seems that, like The Thing (a bit) and Vision (a lot), Nightcrawler is a character out of his time. He's also one of those characters that I think has been most hurt by the extended period of time that Marvel has been around making narrative-intensive work with these characters.

* I'm just going to write about the X-Men from now on. That seems more fun.

* Okay, maybe not. I missed this Brandon Graham response comic to the James Sturm comic from a while back. I like just about everything that Brandon does, and this is sweet, but to my mind it makes the exact same point that the Sturm comic does, just in straight-forward fashion. Sturm shows two guys being ridiculous assholes you shouldn't be like; Graham shows two guys being cool dudes you should be like. It could certainly be a personal failing or a failing of privilege that I see that Sturm comic that way, but I do.

* David Betancourt talks to the new Wonder Woman team of Meredith Finch and David Finch. I read the comic book in question with a stack of comics earlier this week and I don't remember anything except that Wonder Woman was mad and people kept asking why she was mad, maybe? I don't know. It could have been just one person asking that. I thought the previous iteration of the Wonder Woman comic looked sharp and was at least slightly different than most of the New 52 product in terms of tone. What I read seemed like the rest of Wonder Woman's appearances in other modern DC comics, and DC Comics right now more generally across the board. I guess that could be the idea.

* not comics: these kinds of spaces will be a huge thing for artists over the next two decades, and already are for a ton of folks.

* finally, here's Steven Heller at The Atlantic on the complete Zap collection coming out. I hope that in addition to all the other things that a big collection like this can do that it throws a spotlight on Patrick Rosenkranz. No writer about comics has ever done better work with less appreciation than Rosenkranz.
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