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November 22, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* as we mentioned yesterday morning and as was guaranteed by Michigan sentencing guidelines, the former prominent retailer Michael George received a life sentence for the first degree murder part of his recent, coming-after-a-convoluted-history conviction for the 1990 killing of his then-wife Barbara. George proclaimed his innocence and plans to appeal; it always confuses me a bit when someone that declined to testify speaks out on his own behalf at some later date, I guess because there's an element of "they didn't hear me" to such protestations.

image* Jason Leivian playtests that incredibly cool-looking game to which Mat Brinkman contributed.

* Craig Fischer writes about how Jack Kirby used various focus-related techniques in his work. Unfortunately, he uses watermarked imagery where it isn't really necessary, and I'm not sure why Tim and Dan have let that stay up. It's really ugly and distracting. I guess that sort of makes a different point about focus.

* this move by Image Comics to have their own convention in one of the lighter months on the convention schedule makes perfect sense to me. In fact, it could be seen simply as an extension of what publishers like D+Q and Fantagraphics have done with opening their own retail establishments in recent years.

* it is going to be very difficult to come within a country mile of this Alvin Schwartz obituary at Sequential. I'm not being passively competitive, either. I won't come close to matching that one.

* Richard Bruton on The Klondike.

* someone nice from Expanded Books talks to Jeff Smith. Albert Ching talks to Stuart Immonen. Tim O'Shea talks to Shannon Wheeler. Brigid Alverson talks to Colleen Doran. Kiel Phegley talks to Scott Lobdell.

* speaking of interviews, here's one from a few years ago with Grant Morrison. It's about the then-current We3. That one's probably going to grow in reputation over the years, especially as a rare stand-alone work during an extended period where Morrison worked on material that was very present in the flow of ongoing serial comic books.

* I'm always very humbled by comics' giving heart. Comics people aren't necessarily loaded with cash or all that likely to break into the cocktails and dinner circuits, but they may give more to specific charitable causes in terms of sheer sweat and muscle and actual creation than any other creative community.

* finally, Dustin Harbin provides some video footage of Zak Sally's magical press.
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