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November 27, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alexander Lu on Imaginary Fiends #1.

* Osvaldo Oyola talks to Aaron Kashtan. Hillary Brown talks to Sophie Goldstein. Justin Caffier talks to Shepard Fairey.

* there is nothing better in all the world than a sale of Jeremy Eaton's artwork. Okay, that's a ridiculous statement, but it's a good thing when Jeremy makes with this discounts. His stuff looks great framed and up on a wall.

* here's a really fun feature story by Paul Lukas about sports cartoonist Karl Hubenthal's creation of the Minnesota Viking logo, helmets and uniforms. Those are great looking, and I had no idea there was a cartoonist involved.

* finally: I'm a big fan of Gary Gianni's, and this process post reminds me he did illustrations for a GoT project I never checked out.
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