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December 2, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this may be my favorite of all the kids-reading-comics and comics-on-newsstands vintage photos I've seen, and I've seen dozens. (thx, Devlin Thompson)

image* prominent industry blogger Chris Butcher scans and posts Japanese-language HIV/safe-sex pamphlet art.

* there are time when writing humor about comics on-line seems like it's probably the easiest thing in the world, shooting fish in the barrel with special barrel-fish bullets, and there are times when you read something like this massive post about business cards in superhero comics and wonder how anyone can assemble such a thing without magic powers.

* Matt Seneca's initial salvo on Absolute All Star Superman is something to behold. I like how he tackles the fact that the sucker is really big, and how that changes the way we look at the art.

* not comics: Mark Evanier makes some distinctions between working at a disadvantage with an eye on gaining advantage and allowing yourself to be screwed. Speaking of Mark, his mix of comics knowledge and passion for musical theater would seem to make him an ideal witness for all things Spider-Man musical-related.

* Jeet Heer really liked Todd Hignite's writing on Jaime Hernandez.

* there's something about Jim Woodring's work that every glimpse of it plays less like a preview of a forthcoming work and more just like the chance to derive pleasure from some fine cartooning.

* finally, today's Christmas related stuff: Bully is posting a bunch of Archie-related Christmas images this month, if you want to bookmark it; io9 posts its gift guide for people not into comics, which seems to me a decent gift guide and not necessarily one good for people not into comics (for whom I suggest getting something not a comic); Keith Knight is accepting commissions until December 15 for $125 a pop, and you can initiate the process by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) directly; Tom Neely has a holiday sale going on through his on-line store. The fine cartoonist Jeremy Eaton has his own holiday sale up, well worth your consideration.
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