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December 9, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the cartoonist and educator Matt Madden explains the rules of the two-man Tic Tac Toe creative constraint, and provides a fun example.

image* Ruben Bolling's cartoons are so amusing I almost forget they tend to be about the most depressing things in the world.

* go, look: House Of Fun Spy Vs. Spy pin-up.

* here's one of those fascinating subjects that only seem to crop up in comics: the similarities between two soft character re-boots.

* not comics: Peter David and Carol Tyler note the 30th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon. I was at a rare post-final performance Christmas party that night, a school night, for a stage show in which I'd played an extra's role (it involved tights). A version of this piece. I remember caroling and mistletoe and someone leaving their Michelin Man-style coat too close to the fire. We didn't hear the news until we got home, as the football game ended. If you get a chance to hear it somewhere around the Internet, the audio of Howard Cosell so politely deferring to the opinion of his boothmates and deciding to break the story on MNF is pretty awesome.

* Charles Yoakum discusses good times.

* the writer Jason Aaron talks about the price point from the perspective of the comics creator, I think in candid fashion, delineating all of the conflicts involved.

image* that Richard Sala ever worked for Hallmark is news to me. Nice card, too.

* Joseph Lambert provides a look into the design work he's done on this year's annual appeal from the Center For Cartoon Studies. It looks very nice. Lambert is like a half-step away from never answering our e-mail ever again.

* it's been hard not to link to every single one of Frank Santoro's recent assault of imagery, but I may like this one best of all.

* holy crapola, that image is just terrifying.

* Palle Hud, RIP.

* they're doing bracketed creator vs. creator contests over at Newsarama. It'd be nice if there were non-superhero creators included, but then again, maybe not.

* finally, some Christmas and shopping-related links. Tony Millionaire has a strip with ornament designs in it, if you don't have super-high standards about the physical construction of your ornaments. Rob Ullman is offering Christmas cards. Emily Carroll will sell you a print. I've had these Sailor Twain prints bookmarked for, well, not for very long at all. I just can't remember where I got the link. Ditto this page where an Edward Gorey auction is discussed. Finally, Darwyn Cooke is selling some pages to benefit The Hero Initiative.
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