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December 10, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* massive sale at D+Q. You're welcome.

* if you are hoping to exhibit at next year's Stumptown, you need to read this message.

* James Vance offers up a lengthy, well-illustrated post about working on a comic about the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, known in my circle of friends as the music show that gave us that album we bought for Jim Hendrix but ended up listening to the Otis Redding flip-side 10,000 times.

* Tom Bondurant compares Steve Spurrier to Lex Luthor. College football coaches are good models for super-villains, generally, up to and including the gold standard of Joe "Dr. Emil Gargunza" Paterno.

image* please consider buying things from Ron Regé Jr. Getting something from Brendan McCarthy might be a good thing as well.

* Sean Collins wrings a fine blog post about creator/fan interaction out of writer Dan Slott telling some over-passionate, entitled comics fan to go fuck himself. Seriously, that's what Slott wrote. Collins also writes at length about editor Tom Brevoort wondering out loud where the next superstar mainstream comics artist will come from. I think there's a structural issue at work there, in that I'm not sure potential superstar artists in the making get the same kind of career-building assignments right now, and this is a matter of publishing strategy.

* Chris Oliveros stares at Julie Doucet's desk. I agree with Oliveros that Doucet is a special cartoonist.

* hey, it never hurts to ask.

* I suppose it's worth noting that AV Club, the pop-culture focused newspaper bundled in with The Onion ran a review from a writer for a book that the writer couldn't have seen, and according to an e-mail from Keith Phipps and a comment made underneath that article, that writer has since been zapped to the cornfield, never to be published again. I'm sorry the publication had to experience that, and to my mind zero tolerance for that kind of thing is the best policy. That said, please trust me when I suggest that the less finger-wagging and hand-wringing becomes involved, the better. I also hope the writer learns from it and is able to move forward. I've certainly done my share of dumb things over the years for the sake of a review assignment.

* analyzes the latest numbers from Borders, a company that resembles one of those giant, melting, puking, terrifying creatures in a Miyazaki movie.

* every comics reader that's spent time immersed in mainstream comic books has that one character that's the line between their involvement and everything that's come after, a big, black, inky curtain between yours and not yours that soaks right through the paper. Mine is Venom.

* the folks at Drawn & Quarterly reflect upon the Fall season just completed.

* finally, Marvel unveils a group of $2.99 titles. As I've written a few times now, I'm all for $2.99 books as sort of a general rule in the present moment because I think there exists a tipping point for many readers where the group of serial comics they enjoy become too expensive for them to continue that relationship with those kinds of comics, despite the fact they may still enjoy them just as much as they used to. I'm less interested in using the announcement to wave the disingenuous-detection wand over what Marvel said about such comics and when and why, although I'm sure unfortunate things were said and strange accusations were made on all sides at some point along the way. It's also worth pointing out that limited series seem to play a big role for Marvel in terms of talent development.
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